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Solterra Resort

With the Florida property market firmly on the rise, price's have jumped up massively over the last 6 months, the market is truly back with a bang.

Now one of the leading home buildings in the Orlando area has launched it's stunning new RESORT - SOLTERRA and it's truly a magnificent property.

The concept of a Resort Home is basically to combine the attractions of a hotel with that of a family villa. If you want the best of both worlds, and who would't? then this is ideal for you!

A gated resort, a huge Lagoon swimming pool with pool bar and restaurant, full reception services and on site management all on site. Huge open park areas for games with various sports courts throughout and of course beautifully built villas with private pools and that's just for starters.

These types of resorts are a really strong & sought after investment option, as they not only offer a fabulous holiday environment for families but they have tremendous rental potential and would, in most cases, easily cover a mortgage and any running costs each year.

Take a look at our brochure and see exactly where you could be holidaying next year!

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  • Phase 1 Prices : At least 3 more increases before completion
  • A short 20 minute drive to Disney Land
  • The Best facilities of any resort in the area
  • Massive rental potential
  • 30 Year fixed term mortgages
  • Lagoon Beach style swimming pool with cabanas
  • Management on site
  • Newly released models not seen before
  • Limited model home lease back scheme
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